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As Political name suggests “One Leader” means “Only one leader in a constituency must win through Elections with help of political consultancy”. We are determined to address all MLA’ S & MP’S Campaign related needs. One Leader provides you with a full range of Political Research, Door to Door Campaigns, Election Campaign Management, Digital Media & Traditional media services. We have a great team of qualified professionals in the Political campaigns, planning, and execution of a wide range of research-based on MLA & MP Consistency needs.

With over 6 years of expertise in the political campaigns, we have achieved number in terms of quality and are currently qualified as one of the top Political consultancy in India.

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Our founder Battini Parvathi Rao is just a young and energetic individual whose amazing thoughts, wisdom and passion concerning Indian politics led to the creation with the fantastic association. He firmly believes that electoral campaigns and political strategies from India ought to be revolutionized and one leader should be the new face of Indian Political efforts.

Battini Parvathi Rao giving an easy grasp of the several issues faced by your own clientele. He's a excellent follower of Indian politics plus has a wonderful passion for its long term campaign and political plan. He ardently believes that politics is just really a good platform for teenagers and that it also creates career options for them.

He completed MBA (Digital Marketing) & PGPEM from Bangalore University. Rather than He finished a Political Diploma from BPAC's recognized institute at Bangalore. He has deep roots, understanding, and experience in electoral and political strategies. He's worked together with politicians and Law Makers in Bangalore, India

His journey began in the university when he became probably perhaps one of the most famous electronic marketing campaigns in the politics of a renowned educational establishment in India and he still holds a record of success gross profit to the particular day. His political believing and strategy are exceptional and effect oriented. He profoundly considers that both urban and rural societies should have essentially probably the absolute most equality and respect from India.

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One Leader is best consulting which mainly involves helping and advising political campaigns for the benefit of other people or organizations. This is not the only type of consulting, as there are many other types of consultants. One leader political consultant works with various companies, organizations and individuals to help them find ways to improve their political campaigns and win more votes from the voters. We can work to find the best possible strategies in order to increase the number of votes that a candidate or party will get in an election. This is why it is very important for people to have a good grasp of the different types of consultant in order to work properly with the people that they hire.

There is the public relations consultant that is also known as a media consultant. Our job is to help with any public relations issues so that the public knows what the campaign is about and how to relate with the campaign in general. There is also the government consultant, who will be doing all of the paperwork for the campaign that a person wants to run. This will involve the person getting all of the information regarding the rules that they will need to abide by in order to run the campaign properly. The consultant will also be looking into any issues that the campaign may run into as well as helping with any issues that are coming up during the campaign.

We will also work with the campaign manager and will be working on the campaign staff. This can include getting the campaign manager a good handle on all of the campaign matters that they need to take care of. This means that We will handling all of the administrative aspects of the campaign. This consultant will also help to handle the finances as well as the finances for the political campaign. It is also very important to understand that not every political consultant is going to be the same as others. This means that if you do end up hiring someone, it is important to understand that it will not necessarily be because they are cheap. You should try to find someone that will give you honest advice and recommendations. Make sure that you find One leader have good reputation & involved in some form of politics before.

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