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One Leader

If you are looking for a political consulting firm in India with a substantial difference, honored. Since 2014 we have supported all political parties dominating their opposition Parties. To do this, we employ proven Political campaign strategies that we have worked and tested on personally.

Yes, we have helped National Parties MLA’s & MP’s such as BJP, National Congress, CPI, and Local Parties, but we also add local parties MLA’s & MP’s such as JDS, JDU, Shiva Sena, BJD, AAP, YSRCP, TDP, CPM & TRS parties and add value to Parties in Political Brands services.

Our founder, Battini Parvathi Rao, has had his roots in digital & Political since 2014. Fast Forward to 2014 Started the one leader for Political Agency in India, using all of his experience discovered from working on his online experiments as well as a work in Political campaigns. Over the past 6 years, he has surrounded himself with a team that put their results-based Political tactics into action for more and more fellow Indian Political.

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What We Do For Political

One Leader does Digital Media Campaigns, Traditional Media Campaigns, Door to Door Surveys, Election Manifesto, Village level Campaigns & Consistency level Campaigns such as Voter list, Voter targeting. So when you select One Leader, you are plugging into an experienced, passionate group of Political strategists, marketers, designers, and planners who work as a unit to deliver real win on Elections. To stay focused, we only work with 10 to 15 states at a time. This improves our commitment to political brand so you can be assured – as a Leader of Consistency – that will be getting our full suite of Political service, transparency and signature implementation expertise, every time. growth. And the fact that One Leader spends thousands of Political strategies is a testament to how incredibly effective our Political campaigns are. Because we don’t just talk about doing this for Candidates. We actually do it first. Now, how much does a team of people working on Political campaigns every day cost? The good news is our pricing works out to be cheaper than hiring somebody inconsistency – a lot cheaper in fact. This means that you can have our One leader team manage political campaigns for you at a fraction of the cost of managing a team yourself.

Why One Leader

Because everything we specialize in is understanding Political plans, and making Political brand with budget work for you – using 1rs of marketing spend into 3rs Political Brands revenue.

We work as hard on getting everything working for Political campaigns as we do for our own. So what you’ll get is measurable results and Brand Awareness. The way we do this is through simple Political campaigns that drive qualified Voter Targeting directly to your side. All managed for you by our team in Bangalore.

The 3 steps we follow are:

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We Identify Voter Behaviour

Our team will design, build and report on every element of the Voter Behaviour campaign. Based on the Behaviour of Voter with your works, we are able to target the most responsive Voters and generate Votes to your side. This stage uses Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Door to Door Campaigns & Surveys.

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We will design a high-performance Voter Funnel:

At this stage, we will start retargeting users that have interacted with your ad using Google and Facebook. Designing a high-performance landing page to capture audience information. Plus we set up a reporting dashboard so you can see live voter behavior metrics on our Creative App.

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We win through Voter database:

Using long-term and Short term voter Behaviour from Voter list to fine-tune your bottom-of-funnel strategy. So that Voters who are ready to Vote and those who aren’t ready to Vote & nurtured.

You’re here because you want to win in Elections. And given our expertise in almost every election, we know we can do that for you. Because we will build and manage your Political strategy to get Votes, Brand and maximize your online presence. Now you understand our story. Discover how we can add to yours.