Bad news for Google Photos users. Google is set to end its ‘free unlimited storage’ feature, which has been in place for years to hide high quality photos, from June 1 next year. Until then, even high quality photos that you upload to Google Photos will still be considered part of free storage. After that, only the pictures and videos that you upload .. The Google account you use will be considered as part of the 15 GB storage space. Understandably, according to Google Photos app policies, we can upload two types of photos into it. One .. High Quality Images, Videos. Two .. Original pictures and videos. For example, suppose an image with a quality of less than 16 megapixels is 7 MB in size (4032 x3024). When you upload it to Google Photos, its size shrinks to 1 MB (4032×3024).

The size is the same as the original image to see. Also, if you want to save your photo in Google Photos with a size of 7 MB, it will be considered as an original photo. According to the current Google Photos policy, the storage of high quality photos is unlimited and free. If you want to save in the original size, it will be considered as part of the free 15 GB storage that comes with the Gmail account. Now Google is going to do something new .. High quality images and videos that you upload from June 1 will also be considered as part of that storage. If the 15 GB limit is exceeded, you have to pay a Google One membership.

Users of Google-made Pixel phones will continue to be able to upload unlimited ‘high quality’ images. Thanks to Google for using their phones, Google has made that exception. According to Google, 80 percent of its users still have less than 15GB of storage, and they have enough storage space to properly upload high-quality images for another three years, as most people upload high-quality images. Ka Ga .. Made changes to the policy to delete data in accounts that have not been opened (non-sign in) for at least two years.