In addition to the Bihar Assembly, by-elections were held for several Assembly constituencies in 11 states. The Bharatiya Janata Party won most of the seats in this by-election. However, the BJP has won all the seats in Gujarat and Karnataka. While the Congress has made its presence felt everywhere. Local parties did not appear large anywhere in this by-election. The BJP and the Congress, the national parties, won the most seats. The BJP won 37 of the 57 by-elections. Congress won 10 seats.

Assembly constituency-wise by-election results in 11 states

Karnataka-2 (BJP)

Gujarat-8 (BJP)

UP-7 (BJP-6, SP-1)

Chhattisgarh-1 (Congress)

Jharkhand-2 (Congress-1, JMM-1)

Madhya Pradesh-28 (BJP-20, Congress-8)

Manipur-5 (BJP-4, Swatantra-1)

Nagaland-1 (NDPP-1, Independent-1)

Odisha-2 (BJD)

Telangana-1 (BJP)

Haryana-1 (Congress)
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