The Madurai division bench of the high court has directed the state government to start schools in the state after December. The government has announced that schools and colleges across the state will not open from the 16th of this month. Students will not be in a position to practice physical distance if schools start. Transportation is also limited, making it difficult for students to travel to schools in other districts. A petition has been filed in the Madurai Division Bench of the High Court seeking quashing of government orders to start schools and colleges in view of these issues. The public prosecutor, who was present at the hearing of the petition on Wednesday, told the court that he had gathered the views of parents on the opening of schools and colleges and that a high percentage of parents did not want to start schools.

Responding to this, the judges opined that the corona was rampant with the opening of educational institutions in many states, including Andhra Pradesh, and that the corona was spreading the second stage in many countries, and that many judges were also exposed to the corona, and that students could get in trouble if schools were started under such circumstances. The court directed the government to look into the issue of opening schools and colleges after December and adjourned the next hearing to May 20.

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