RJD chief and BJP leader Tejaswi Yadav lost the Bihar CM seat by a narrow margin in the Assembly elections. The difference between the ruling and opposition coalitions was only 12,768 votes. In the 2015 elections, the BJP won 7.8 per cent more votes than the NDA. This time, the NDA got only 0.3 per cent more votes. According to Election Commission (EC) figures, the NDA received 1,57,01,226 votes (37.26) while the BJP received 1,56,88,548 votes (37.23). Tejaswi could not become the CM as he got only 0.3 votes less. With 125 seats for NDA, it is known that the alliance has matched with 110 seats. In almost 20 seats, the ruling coalition received a majority of less than 100 votes. Tejaswi and RJD leaders have been alleging irregularities in the counting of votes from the outset. He also demanded on Thursday that a recount be held. He was speaking to reporters after being elected as the leader of the Grand Alliance Legislative Party in the Assembly. It was alleged that there were irregularities in the counting of postal ballots in all the constituencies where votes were counted at the end. Easy was asked to count them there again. NDA got only 12,760 votes more than them. How did it win 15 seats with all the few votes? They said they would have won 130 seats if the votes had been counted properly. He wrote a letter to Easy on the irregularities in the counting of votes.