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Print media campaigns:

Election Print Media Campaigns Physically printed media with newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards & flex printing.

Newspapers advertise:

Campaigns can be selected from a variety of newspapers, including local, regional, or national headlines published in the daily, evening, weekly, or Sunday issues. Newspapers target different voters with a mix of content, including opposition voters, neutral voters, and sitting voters. Campaigns can purchase different sizes of ad space to display ads containing text, photographs, illustrations, and graphics, from small classified ads only to the front page or in a double-page spread.

Magazines advertise:

Magazines promote a wide range of voters' choices and frequency. Voter magazines cover a wide range of interests, including sports, hobbies, fashion, health, current affairs and local topics. Most voters and commercial magazines offer specific election coverage, such as the Assembly or Parliament. Others cover cross-election issues such as municipal or local elections, while others focus on municipal areas such as major cities. The publication frequency frequency is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly. Similar to newspapers, advertisers can take advertising space from classified ads to full page ads in black and white or colour.

Billboards and posters:

Advertising on billboards and posters give the campaign a chance to reach voters. For example, placing posters on the roadside can help advertisers reach for items that are closer to the time they travel and purchase items. Posters or billboards in towns, bus stops or busy urban centers are likely to reach a large number of voters. Advertisers can change the message on the billboards and posters at the frequency of their choice.

Flex print campaigns:

Election candidates use flex printing to reach large target voters or selected opportunities. Flex printing is often in the form of message content & photo. Voters can compile a list of their own possibilities and voters for a behavior list from a particular organization.

Print media selection with a leader:

A leader print media campaign allows advertisers to target different voters, with advertising costs based on voter circulation and nature. Using circulation statistics and readership research from individual media or industry groups such as the Association of Magazine Media or the National Newspaper Association, advertisers and their agencies compare the costs of reaching their target voters.

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